I am Jeff H. Blake. Let me blow my own horn for a little bit.

I have over 25 years of experience as an executive and hiring authority in Fortune 500 and Fortune 1,000 corporation in financial services and in private, post-secondary education. My responsibility was to hire and lead high-performing teams. The teams I created attained the highest achievements and recognition for success in their respective organizations. This success did not come out of luck but through hard work and some, but few, bruises along the way. But I have had the satisfaction to coach some talented people that subsequently achieved highly visible and prominent roles with organizations.

The lessons I learned and the experiences I encountered provided the basis for the success that I enjoyed and the basis of the help I provide my clients today.

My educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in applied behavioral science. My MBA concentrated on leadership and change management. I am a certified facilitator for The Leadership Challenge and also have a certificate in Ownership Spirit from Quma Learning. Additional studies include a certificate in The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People.

My consulting and teaching experiences include teaching Managing Organizational Change, Managing Organizational Conflict, and Business Economics at the graduate level and Leadership and Critical Thinking & Innovation at the undergraduate level.

My experience has enabled me to develop a system for identifying potentially high performers from candidates applying for roles within an organization. I share this system with you in my recently released book Hire for Higher Performance!

Jeff Blake

Jeff Blake